Vermont's Best Cannabis Cultivator. Organically Grown, Free Delivery

Licensed Cannabis Cultivator

One of the first licensed women-owned recreational cannabis cultivators in Vermont. We take pride in our artisan approach to cultivating high-quality cannabis. We focus on creating the best naturally-grown cannabis. Garcia Grows is proud to offer organically grown flower that is free of prohibited pesticides.

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Classic Strains Grown Organically

Naturally Grown

From seed to flower, Garcia Grows is proud to produce organically grown flower that is free of pesticides.

Artisan Growers

High quality classic strain seeds using superior natural cultivation methods.

Indoor / Outdoor Cannabis

Offering the best of both, all grown organically.

Solar Powered

Garcia Grows is on the cutting edge of sustainability utilizing solar generated power for cannabis production.

Pure Well Water

All of our cannabis is grown using 100% well water and conservation methods to ensure quality and sustainability.

Free Cannabis Delivery

Our flower is prepackaged, tested and delivered right to your dispensary ready for sale.

Garcia Grows specializes in producing the highest quality cannabis grown organically.

We utilize solar generated power for cannabis production and incorporate conservation methods ensuring quality and sustainability. Growing cannabis is our passion. Creating flower that is known for its potency, superb taste and effect is what we do every day.

Classic Strains Grown Organically